Domaine Wassler: A Family Legacy of Fine Alsace Wines


For seven generations, Domaine Wassler has been driven by a passion for crafting exquisite Alsace wines. Located in the heart of the renowned Alsatian vineyards in Blienschwiller, along the world-famous wine route, Domaine Wassler enjoys a privileged position in the viticulture landscape.

The Wassler family, composed of Anne, Marc, and Matthieu, is deeply passionate about the terroirs surrounding their estate. They cultivate two prestigious Grand Crus, Frankstein and Winzenberg, along with a variety of surrounding vineyards, producing truly unique wines that showcase the rich heritage and exceptional quality of the Alsace region.

Their Wine Collection: Discover Domaine Wassler's Range of Alsace Wines

Domaine Wassler meticulously crafts wines that reflect the family's soul, emphasizing a harmonious balance of textures and a generous palate. Their wines are generally dry, allowing the maximum expression of their potential. Striking a delicate balance between showcasing the grape varieties and expressing the terroirs, it is this subtle marriage that gives birth to their exceptional Alsace wines.

Domaine Wassler cultivates several Grand Crus and vineyards, boasting remarkable geological diversity, dispersed along the Alsace wine route.