The Rocim Legacy: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Nestled in the picturesque hills of Portugal's Alentejo region, Pedro Ribeiro and Catarina Vieira discovered a unique prospect. Driven by an unwavering passion for winemaking and an innate desire to create something extraordinary, they envisioned a land abundant with potential, where the sun's nurturing warmth and the fertile soil fostered the foundation for unparalleled excellence. Embarking on a journey to materialize their vision, Rocim was established.

Rocim surpasses the conventional definition of a winery, representing a cultural expression that reflects Portugal's rich heritage while celebrating life's simple pleasures. Pedro and Catarina approach winemaking as a delicate art form, where intuition, creativity, and craftsmanship blend seamlessly to create wines that express the unique character of the Alentejo region. Boasting 70 hectares of flourishing vineyards, encompassing 53 hectares dedicated to red grape varieties and 17 hectares to white grape varieties, Herdade do Rocim focuses on respecting the terroir and prioritizing sustainability. The estate is home to both certified organic vineyards and areas in the process of transitioning to organic production.

At the oenology department of Herdade do Rocim, all winemaking processes are aimed at maximizing respect for the terroir. Employing wild yeasts and minimal intervention, the oenology practices primarily strive to reflect the essence of the terroir within each produced bottle. Careful selection in the vineyards is followed by a meticulous inspection of grape clusters at the cellar entrance, where human touch and care are crucial for creating exceptional wines. The winemakers at Rocim merge modern oenology expertise with ancestral methods, such as Alentejo talha wines and grape treading on stone wine presses. Each wine is treated, considered, and crafted uniquely, with daily accompaniment during fermentation and individualized decision-making.

The Rocim estate is a testament to the harmonious balance of tradition and innovation. Ancient vines coexist with modern grape varieties, and traditional techniques meld with contemporary practices to produce exceptional wines. During the aging stage, larger barrels, terracotta, and cement amphorae are used, while the careful application of new wood preserves the fruit and terroir. The vineyards, characterized by lush greenery and meticulously cultivated vines, evoke a sense of harmony and equilibrium. Simultaneously, the cellar, adorned with minimalist design and cutting-edge equipment, showcases the founders' dedication to quality and innovation.

Rocim's wines extend beyond the realm of mere beverages. They encapsulate a sensory experience, a journey through the flavors and aromas intrinsic to the Alentejo region. Each bottle epitomizes the passion, dedication, and creativity of its creators. The Rocim story is a narrative of a dream that continues to evolve and inspire. As José Ribeiro Vieira, founder of Movicortes, eloquently states, "speaking of the future is not easy as we cannot guess what the future holds. Anyway, we believe that the foundations and structures capable of fostering our growth have been launched." For Rocim, the pursuit of producing exceptional wines remains an endless endeavor, one that will undoubtedly inspire generations to come.

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